What We Offer


Often times, remodeling is an intimidating task for home owners. Many things can go very wrong. However, ZS Construction ensures that any mistakes will not occur. We will connect with remodelers best suited for whatever task given. 


Roofing is vital to the maintenance of one's property. We will offer you the best roofing services in the area and we promise only professional performances. We understand how important roofing is to the overall aesthetic and functionality of a commercial or domestic location. 

Fence Creation

Fences are key to defining the boundaries of your property. Therefore, we will connect you with the best professional fence contractors to maintain those boundaries and their respective privacy. We will accommodate any type of fencing task and treat them as equally significant. 

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens add extra flair to a home's backyard look. Not only that, but outdoor kitchens are convenient for spending more time outside with friends, family, and food! Understanding this, we connect you with the best outdoor kitchen contractors who can accommodate your preferences. 

Patios and Pergolas

For patios, we will search for the best professional concrete contractors. Patios will be made in the highest quality possible Pergolas are treated with the same regard, as they are a huge component of the overall aesthetic of a backyard.